Friday, January 21, 2011


(HaitiLibre) -

A former officer of the dissolved army of Haiti, told a reporter in the Dominican Republic, that several of his comrades came together in the hope that former President Duvalier, back since Sunday, resume power...

Wellovert Jean, a former soldier who lives in the Haitian town of Ouanaminthe, said that he and several of his former comrades in arms are ready to assist with the restructuring of a government under Duvalier and to "impose order and respect for the Haitian people." He indicated that several of his comrades who had moved to the Dominican Republic after the dissolution of the Haitian army, have already returned home since Sunday. He asserts that "the Haitian people are happy with the return of Duvalier" and he hopes the former president, will take the power to improve their living conditions and prevent migration to the Dominican Republic.

A lawyer, Vinicio Marino Castillo, President of the National Commission of Ethics and fight against corruption and drugs, and a dominican government adviser with the rank of minister, suggested on Monday the closure of the border with Haiti because of the unpredictable situation in the neighboring country after the surprise return of former dictator Jean Claude Duvalier.

He recalled that the Dominican Republic had every right to close its borders permanently, as did the "United States with Mexico" in the context of self defense...

Rafael Alburquerque, Vice-President of the Dominican Republic, declared that his government was attentive to the situation in Haiti, but said that he would watch for developments in that country before taking any measures.

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