Sunday, September 13, 2009

photos - various - part b

On Saturday EDH came and replaced the broken electricity line. I like to think that part of the 5 million US$ grant from the World Bank went towards this new line!

The neighbors across the street are missionaries from Brazil. They run the "Dieu d'Amour" mission church at the top of Delmas 31. Every day during the week overflowing crowds of people from the church building take up part of the street for prayer services. People "Cry out to Jesus" for help in the difficulties of living in Haiti. The people in the back of this pickup truck are from their mission organization and were making evangelism announcements and playing christian music. The haitian people love to listen to music.

Ducarmel Villard was registered as part of the school program this week.

Kervens Peltro is a mentally handicapped boy from the neighborhood who also will be attending school for the first time. He is being raised by his grandfather. His grandfather was so happy that he got accepted that instead of shaking my hand he kissed it!

Vicnor Charles is a new addition to the school program here at Coram Deo as well.

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