Sunday, September 20, 2009

photos - school - part 2

These children are waiting while the parent meeting is going on.

The children enjoy the playground.

These 2 parents came for the meeting. Yonel Glezile is the father of Jameson Glezile, a boy who had a cleft lip and palate. Jameson still has some speech difficulties. His father always attends the parent/teacher meetings. He is also our Sunday guardian for the yard. The woman behind him is also a parent of one of the childrens. Shilo, our dog was nearby and she was scared of him.

There was a good turnout for the meeting. Parents were told about the program for the year and were given the book list. We aren't able to buy books for the students but maybe next year we will be able too. That won't stop the children from learning though. Notes will be taken from the chalkboard and most of the parents will find a way to get the books.

Loudison Pierre and his father came to the house this week. Loudison had surgery for his hydrocephalus in May 2009. His head circumference is starting to increase again and it looks like he will need further surgery during the next hydrocephalus surgeries scheduled for November 2009. His father cares for him well. So many fathers abandon their families when they have a hydrocephalus baby.

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