Sunday, September 6, 2009

photos - bonnette - part a

This happy girl is Wiliamise. She has an untreated hydrocephalus. A couple of years ago her father refused surgical treatment. He said that it was her back that caused the trouble. In cases like this I leave it up to prayer and for the Lord to decide and He decided to provide a measure of healing! Her head circumference is no longer growing larger.

She now can stand! Praise the Lord for His healing mercies!

Samson Felix is an 11-month-old child who is miserable with his situation. He can not stand unassisted because he is weak. His feet are swollen and he is in the beginning stages of kwashiorkor malnutrition.

The face shows it all. Pray for those in Haiti who are hungry.

This young girl has orange hair which is also a sign of malnutrition. Her older sister is holding onto her. It is difficult for the youngest in families. When a pot of food is cooked the youngest quite often are fed last. It is a survival strategy for the families.

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