Sunday, September 20, 2009

photos - archaie - part 1

Jacob's uncle is the caretaker of the church and mission school which is across the street where his home is. The children were enjoying the playground equipment.

This is the street corner of Independance square and also the entrance to the street where Jacob now lives. This older home has a unique haitian architectural style.

In the center of Independance square is a statue to Jean Jacques Dessaline, who was the leader of the haitians fighting for their freedom against the French.

The birthplace of the Haitian flag is in Archaie and every May 18th the president speaks from this square. On the monument are the words of the national anthem as well as photos of the flag.

These women are taking shelter from the sun in this grotto. They blend well into the mural and the figure of a woman in it.

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