Sunday, September 6, 2009

photos - bonnette - part b

While in the village this grandmother and her 7-month-old grand-daughter came up to me. She told me that the mother died last month and that she needed some help.

Babies in villages like these really suffer when there is no mother who can breast-feed. Pray we can find someone to help this family out.

These are the 3 musketeers (they are all around 5 years old! These children all have various orthopedic problems. The boy on the left is Miguelson Pacomme. We brought him back from Bonnette to see Mallery who is staying at a guesthouse in the community. The other 2 children, Lovely and Lucson both recently completed 6-month tuberculosis treatment of spinal tuberculosis (Potts syndrome). All 3 children will need surgery in the United States. Pray help can be found for the 3 Musketeers!

Miguelson's legs are "wispy legged". It makes it uncomfortable for him to walk and his knees hurt.

Naphtalie Bazile and her mother came over to visit. She had surgery a year ago in the United States for hydrocephalus. She will be seeing the Miami Neurosurgery team here in Haiti in October.

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