Tuesday, June 16, 2009

photos - various

This is a picture from the last time that I saw Phara Simeon which was in January 2009. Her hair was turning an orange color from malnutrition. We heard from her family that she died in the province at her family's home. Her mother did the best she could to look after her.

Ketline Andre is a young woman who has one leg that never developed normally. As a result her good leg became crooked to compensate for the differences in leg length. Her spine also developed scoliosis because of the imbalance in leg lengths. She now gets around the best she can.

Manu went shopping downtown the other week for used clothing with Jn. Eddy. The children have worn out most of their clothes and the mice have chewed up a few too! Here he is modeling one of his outfits he picked out.

We received a food donation from Love a Child of Feed My Starving Children rice meals through being part of ODEO. We use these meals to feed the children in the school program here at Coram Deo.

Marie is cooking on a haitian stove.

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