Wednesday, June 3, 2009

photos - various

The guys are watching an afternoon soccer game on the television set. When the game was over everyone got back to doing their homework in preparation for end of year school exams.

This is what the ravine looks like during heavy rains in the Cite Jeremie area. You can see part of the ravine wall sloughing off into the ravine. The waters were moving quickly!

On the right hand side the water is eating away under the foundation of this house. The pig walking on the left hand side later entered the waters and was swept away.

Yvens St. Hilaire is a 4-month-old baby boy who was born without an anus. At 3 days of age he had an emergency colostomy performed. Now the family can not afford any further surgeries. His name is on our medical search list. Please keep him in prayer.

Yvens is a twin. His brother's name is Yvenson.

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