Wednesday, June 3, 2009

haiti update - may 31, 2009

“So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.” Hebrews 10:35,36

Hi! The medical team from Kentucky held a clinic on the grounds of Coram Deo on Monday. Once again they provided medicines for the patients and at the end of the day 217 patients were seen. There were 3 Haitian doctors who were volunteering their time to see patients. One of the doctors was Dr. Charles who I met on Saturday at the Kenscoff clinic for the first time. He also works at General Hospital and offered to help us. It was great that he took time out of his schedule to help at the clinic. The doctors saw the patients quickly and we were already done by around 1:30pm. The timing worked out well as the rains came then too. There were some young people on the team and they planned activities for the children. And when it rained they continued to play soccer and basketball. A couple of the team members prayed with each patient as they registered and one of the team members told a story and skit with the children and people waiting. He is an author and left us with some of his materials. 3 of the people who attended the clinic need surgeries and we added their names to our medical search list. The extra benches that were built by a team in February came in handy for the clinic day. We didn’t have a problem for seating. We give the Lord thanks for the opportunity to host another clinic again here on the grounds of Coram Deo. The team came back on Wednesday morning to help out with the school program and to do some painting. Enough paint was purchased by them to finish painting the house. This will be a project for when another team visits Haiti. The school children enjoyed having visitors!
Late Wednesday afternoon I brought Macdonald home and noticed a crowd of people standing on the bridge into Cite Jeremie. It was raining at the time and the Haitian people usually avoid standing in the rain if they can. I stopped the truck to see what was going on and people were watching the rushing waters going through the ravine. The people in this area let their pigs roam the ravine to eat the garbage that gets thrown in. The water came through so quickly that people couldn’t get the pigs out fast enough. Many pigs were swept away. One man managed to tie up one of his pigs but the other one walked in the opposite direction and later entered the water and got swept away as well. People were basically watching the ravine to see what was getting swept away. One large sow was swept under the bridge and people were saying how that was a shame and I looked behind further downstream to see it manage to stand up in some shallower water. I told everyone that the pig was standing and everyone started to cheer for the pig’s efforts at getting out of the water. That sow was determined and managed to pull herself out of the water. This pig was the only one to beat the waters. These pigs are a form of investment for the owners. When the pigs get bigger their meat is sold or baby pigs are sold or added to the owners’ holdings. The waters rushing through the ravine destroyed a lot of investments that day.
“Mac” of the Judas Gang knocked at the gate this past week. When I went outside to talk to him I was surprised to see a different hairstyle. His hair was sticking straight out like you would see in a static electricity experiment at the Science Center in Toronto! It sure was a funny sight and he sure has a lot of hair! He asked me if I had a spare suitcase that he could have because he was moving. Two members of the Judas Gang are living in the Dominican Republic. Maybe he is deciding to join his buddies? He also said something else that was pretty funny too. I think the fall on his head from his venture at escaping over someone’s wall affected him. He said “Yeah mun” do you have any English books? I don’t want to lose my English”. I told him no but after he left I wished that I had given him a suitcase and a book just to get a funny photo of him! A couple of days later I asked Lukner if he had seen “Mac” and if his hair was still standing on end but he told me that it was back to being braided again. I told Lukner that “Mac” must have been on his way to the beauty shop then when he came by the house looking for a suitcase and an English book. Pray for “Mac” and that his heart would be changed to follow the Lord as well as for the rest of the members of the Judas Gang.
This week the back bumper and defense got adjusted on the pickup truck. It has been drooping since the last accident and over time drooped more. It was almost falling off this week and I had no choice but to spend some money and get it fixed. Now it is in its proper position and two days after getting fixed I got rear ended again on Delmas 31 and it held! I asked the driver why they ran into the back of the truck and they replied that they were trying to make room for a motorcycle. That makes the 15th time that Kimosabee has been rear-ended!
We are relying totally on invertor and solar power right now. The electrical sub-station for Delmas had a fire. Word on the Haitian grapevine is that it will take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months to get fixed. If the invertor runs down and we can’t run the fans we’ll just sleep on the roof. It’s nice and cool up there during the evening.
That’s all the news for today. Have a good week!

Karen Bultje, Coram Deo

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