Tuesday, June 16, 2009

photos - medical cases

Angelo Lafortune is now in the United States for a post-op check-up with his neurosurgeon. He needs to be monitored every year to determine if his brain tumor is growing back. He's a friendly boy who has a good family.

Daphka Saintvil has been in the United States for several months already for orthopedic surgery on a deformed lower leg. This is her and her host mother. It is great how these families open up their homes to provide a home away from home for children in need of medical care.

Daphka recently had an additional surgery on her leg. She has an external fixator in place. Pray the bone heals well.

Solyvien Favra had a fractured ankle that was never set and this resulted in a deformity for him.

Because his foot is twisted he walks on the top of his foot. He will need a couple of reconstructive surgeries to set the ankle properly. His father was happy with the news that a doctor and hospital have been found that are donating this care free of charge.

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