Sunday, July 13, 2008

security upgrades

Now that we have the barbed wire up we haven't had any incidences of people getting into the yard at night. Hopefully it stays this way. This is a photo of the front wall surrounding the property.

Here is another part of the front wall. Francois, who is seated is our gatekeeper who works during the day from Monday to Friday.

The owner of the property behind our back wall filled in the hole in his house wall so that the squatters could no longer climb onto the tin roof of our briquette shelter.

This is the side wall that has been raised by 3 rows of blocks and barbed wire. This side wall is where the thieves liked to enter our property.

If we ever get another cat it has to be a tough one like the one pictured here. It needs to be tough to catch the mice and rats and also to keep away from the neighbors who want to eat it. I got this photo from the internet

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