Tuesday, July 29, 2008

photos - children

Johnsly Stelle is a 7 month old baby with clubbed feet. His left foot is more clubbed than the right one. His father is doing a good job of raising him after the mother died 15 days after giving birth.

Octavio Jean has a cleft lip and palette. It is good that Smile Train has expressed interest to help children and adults in Haiti born with this problem.

Bertony Philistin has an abscess under his arm. Hopefully with medicine it will go away on its own. The family lives near our house. His mother is almost blind and the father died recently.

Marcensly Pierre is a young baby with hydrocephalus. Hopefully he will be one of the children selected for surgery sometime in October or November.

Jonel Colo is another infant that came to the house with hydrocephalus. He is also registered in the hydrocephalus program. Hydrocephalus is a common problem here in Haiti.

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