Tuesday, July 22, 2008

photos - doudeleimy, village children

This is Doudeleimy in her fathers' arms. They are standing in front of their hut in the village of Bonnette.

Doudeleimy was the center of attention for the village. Everyone came to see her and welcome her back.
Remika Felix is 7 months old and is suffering from malnutrition. Tony and Linda of Holy Angels will be looking after her and will be working on reversing her malnutrition.

This is Evenerson and his mother. This is a poor family. She is now pregnant carrying her 4th child.

Evenerson is to the left. His 12 month old brother Evenelson is next to him. The 12 month old is in better shape than 3 year old Evenerson. At the present time Evenerson is not able to stand or walk. Pray for Deedee's efforts in reversing his malnutrition.

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