Tuesday, July 29, 2008

haiti update - july 26, 2008

“In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

Hi! This week was a busy week with the medical program. Francisco of Smile Train was able to see most of the hospitals he had on his list. He returned to the United States on Friday. Pray that a plan can be put in place to help children/adults with their cleft lips/palettes.
We give the Lord thanks that Stevenson Pierre was finally discharged from the hospital at the end of the week. His treatment for pneumonia was successful and now he is able to sit up again. Pray that his nutritional status can be maintained with his mother.
We have seen a few children who have had abscesses that needed treating. Bertony Philistin, a young boy who lives in the neighborhood had an abscess under his armpit that was bothering him. He is taking medication for it now. We have known his family for several years. His father died in June and his mother is almost blind so the family is really struggling right now. Keep this family in prayer. Doudeleimy Beaubrun, who just got back from the United States, has an abscess on her side and she is now taking medication for this as well.
This week we were also able to hold a clinic on Tuesday afternoon. A couple of visitors who were staying at Sheri’s house are nurses and they were able to see and treat 25 people from the community and here at Coram Deo. We give the Lord thanks for medical people who come to Haiti to help.
Johnly Stelle is a 7-month-old baby who has clubbed feet. He has been going for casting at Healing Hands for the last couple of months. Hopefully the casting will move his feet into a straighter position over time. His mother died 15 days after giving birth to him and his father is now raising him. His father is doing a good job of looking after him.
2 hydrocephalus babies were brought to Coram Deo by their families. We registered them at Healing Hands to be put on the list for the upcoming hydrocephalus surgeries to be held sometime in October or November. One of the hydrocephalus babies is Juniya Lyra. She was operated on in May but the operation didn’t work and her head started to grow again shortly after surgery. She needs a shunt surgery but the only way is to find a neurosurgeon for her here in Haiti. The way her head is growing I don’t think she can survive until the next round of surgeries in October. Keep this family in prayer as they wait to see what is God’s will for her life.
Before bringing Evenerson to Deedee’s we did some blood work. Michelore’s mother came along as well. Michelore is now standing, walking and running and is doing well at Deedee’s home. Michelore is also Evenerson’s uncle. One year ago, Michelore could not stand or walk. Now he can help work with his nephew Evenerson. Michelore’s mother didn’t do so well on the ride in from the village. She got car sick and vomited outside by the laboratory but “Boukie” (John Charles’ father) had her lick the tire of the pickup truck. This is a Haitian home remedy for carsickness. He told me this after I came with Evenerson from the laboratory. Michelore’s mother thought she would do okay but I made her sit outside in the back of the pickup truck for the ride to Deedee’s. I told her that this was the Canadian home remedy for carsickness. I didn’t want to have to clean out the inside of the pickup truck if she got sick again.
In the village where Evenerson is from (the same village as Doudeleimy and Paulna) you can see the contrast between voodoo and Christianity in the lives of the people. Evenerson’s father is a “hougan” (witchdoctor). He shows no part in supporting his family. He has made the statement to people that he is giving one of his children to the devil to eat. In this way he will have more power. The malnutrition that is affecting Evenerson is part of this process. Pray for Evenerson’s family. His mother says she is a Christian and attends church but she is still a part of the voodoo lifestyle. Paulna’s family has also been affected by the voodoo influence as well. Paulna’s grandfather is also a “hougan”. Paulna’s mother was 12 years old when she started attending a Christian church with her older brother. At 12 years of age she turned her back on the voodoo faith and became a Christian. She raises her family as a Christian household. Paulna’s grandfather is still a “hougan” but the family is praying for him that one day his heart would be changed. In July people of the voodoo religion travel to Saut D’Eau to bathe in the waters there. They pray to the spirits for changes like more money, health,etc. Paulna’s grandfather attended. Paulna has a cousin who is 11 years old and his name is Benson (not the Benson who lives at Coram Deo). The parents are Christians and try to bring him up in the Christian faith but the voodoo influence is pulling at his heart. He will sometimes disrupt the church service or run away on Sunday mornings and come back home in the afternoons. He attends the voodoo ceremonies without his parent’s permission and sometimes is overcome by the “loas” (spirits). During these times he will throw rocks at his father, or eat pieces of glass to show that nothing can happen to him.
Pray for Paulna’s family as they fight the voodoo influence on part of their family.
This week Kensley Gilot who is 10 years old came to Coram Deo with his mother. He has never been to school and according to his mother can’t learn. Jn. Eddy did a test with him to find out what he knows and he will possibly be part of the school program here at Coram Deo in the fall. Some parents of former students of Coram Deo came to the house this past week to say that their handicapped children no longer had a place at the school they were at. The special education class was eliminated at the end of June. Hopefully we can find a way to help them again. Faby Paulema is one of the children affected by this “policy change”. He is 17 years old and almost blind. One day he will be blind. He wants to attend school. Hopefully we can help him with an education as well as helping to prepare him and his family for the day when he will no longer be able to see. Youby Ladouceur, Jameson Glezile and Ricardo (Willem) Revilus all have handicaps of one form or another. All these parents want their children to still be able to go to school. Pray that a way will be found to continue to help these children.
Reginald Jules is a former resident of Coram Deo. He and his uncle, Samuel Masseus left Coram Deo to join another mission last September. I had heard from people that Reginald was begging for money on the Delmas road. Last week I saw this for myself. He was standing in front of the One Stop grocery store asking people for money as customers left the parking lot. When Reginald lived here at Coram Deo I made the family take responsibility for him. It is often the case here in Haiti that the handicapped get ignored. Now that he is not staying here I can’t do this anymore. Pray that Samuel and his family take responsibility in the life of Reginald.
That is all the news for today. Have a good weekend!
Karen Bultje, Coram Deo

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