Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Photos - Hydrocephalus Children Still in Hospital

There are still 3 children still in hospital recovering from post-op problems. This is Maudlin Thomas. He had fever and seizures for a week due to meningitis and finally was put on iv antibiotics and he is starting to improve.

This is Jeannot Manasseh and his mother. He was originally discharged but was readmitted with fluid from the brain leaking from the incision site in his head and also with fever and seizures. He is now doing good and the mother is waiting for the doctor to discharge him once again.

This is Sammie Bernier a one month old baby who was operated on for spina bifida and associated hydrocephalus. Both incision sites are infected and she is currently leaking fluid from the incision site in her abdomen. This fluid I think is from the brain. She has a shunt and it looks like she will have to get it removed. She is on iv antibiotics as well. The children are not getting much attention from hospital staff and much prayer is needed for them. Pray for Sammie's mother as she is getting discouraged from the lack of medical attention.

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