Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Photos - Cite Soleil - Ti-Ayiti district

Cite Soleil is a large slum of around 300,000 people which starts at Rte. Nationale #1 and stretches out to the sea. It is separated into 34 districts. Ti-Ayiti is one of these districts. One side is bordered by a canal. Water and garbage flow down the streets of Port-au-Prince and end up in canals leading to the sea. It doesn't make for healthy living for the people residing in this area.

The canal is full and covered in garbage. When it rains the canals overflow to where people build their homes. The people in this area are very poor and sewage waste gets dumped into this area as well.

The majority of the houses are tin shacks in poor condition

This is another shot of the canal leading to the sea. In the distance are fisherman who are ready to set out to lay down their crab traps.

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