Monday, November 12, 2007

photos - Canadian Visitors - November 12, 2007

We made a little excursion to Paulna's village while the visitors were here. Because of all the recent rains the road was one big mud bowl so we parked the pick-up and walked in. Up ahead are the cane fields that we had to detour through to avoid most of the mud. It was a fun walk. The name of the village is Bonnette.

Inside the village were a lot of resting sheep and some healthy looking turkeys. It would have been nice to take one home to eat.

The visitors brought along a big sack of clothing, toys and candy. Right here everything looks quite orderly but it didn't last for long!

That night everyone was treated to smores. When they first arrived Manu had asked Marlene if they were going to have marmalade. She bought some at the store the next day but he was surprised to see it. What he really meant was smores. They got to stuff their faces with smores the last evening. Everyone enjoyed them.

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