Monday, November 26, 2007

Photos - Haiti Wildlife

All the hydrocephalus children have now been discharged from the hospital. Now the only kid left in the empty pediatrics room is the one eyed goat.

It has been a busy time lately with visitors and everyone here wanted to make sure that we didn't scare them off. I went hunting with the children around the house and yard and we had a bountiful harvest! Here is Manu holding his pet rat.
We did a lot of mice chasing and here is the fruit of our efforts.
When one of the visitors was here they asked about tarantulas and where they went when it rained. I told them they found somewhere dry to hide. Here is one of them.

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marlene said...

Hi Karen
nice to see you are evicting some of the un wanted creatures. you finally found the spider
it is nice to see our baby goat still has a home.