Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lauren Pierre - Nose Surgery

When the Leap Foundation was here in Haiti was a day of turbulence in Cite Soleil (actually for the last few weeks it has been like that almost every day). Lauren Pierre lives with her mother and twin sister in Cite Soleil. Lauren was born missing the cartilage in her nose. Dr. Hobar had seen her in May 2013 and wanted to do surgery for constructing a nose in October 2013. There has been a lot of shooting and gang fights in Cite Soleil. Cite Soleil is a slum of over 300,000 people, yet gangs of 20-30 when they are fighting with other gangs create havoc for the people who live in the area. They struggle to go about their everyday lives. Lauren's mother called me that morning and said that there was shooting going on. We told her not to take chances but if she could get out of Cite Soleil when it was calm we could pick her up at Carrefour Aviation. Around noon she was able to get out of Cite Soleil and called us from Carrefour Aviation to drive her over to Hopital Espoir. We have good news! Dr. Hobar told Lauren's mother that the surgery is too complex to be done in Haiti and they want to bring her to Dallas for surgery in 2014. Pray for all the mothers in Cite Soleil who are trying to raise their children in a violent environment. Pray for peace in Haiti.

These twin girls are Laurence and Lauren. They are inseparable. Where one goes so does the other :)

Please pray for the paperwork process for Lauren's passport.

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