Sunday, November 17, 2013

Christelle - Cleft Lip Baby


Christelle and her mother live in Cap Haitien. Her mother came with her to Port-au-Prince searching for medical for her daughter and to begin a new life for herself. The father of her child abandoned the family. People she met on the streets of Port-au-Prince led her to Coram Deo.

In October Dr. Hobar and a Leap Foundation medical team came to Hopital Espoir to perform plastic surgeries. Christelle was one of the babies selected for surgery to repair her cleft lip.

This is Christelle one week after her surgery :)

Christelle and her mother live in a refuge camp near Airport Rd. She sleeps inside a church within the refuge camp. Pray that she can find work to support herself and Christelle. Inside these tin walls is the church she attends and a place to sleep at night.

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