Monday, November 18, 2013

Emerson Simplice - Plastic Surgery


Emerson Simplice was born with a severe cleft lip/palette/eye. People would tell his mother to throw him away and to let him die. Emerson had good parents. They were both christians and wouldn't listen to those who would insult Emerson. His mother would go to prayer services at the church she attends in Petit Goave and pray for help for Emerson. In 2007 Emerson's father came with him to Port-au-Prince and came to Coram Deo in search of help. A mission in the United States that finds surgeons to donate medical care found a hospital that would treat Emerson for free. The hospital and surgeons waived any costs.

On October 13, 2007 Emerson traveled to the United States.

He had 2 surgeries to repair his cleft lip/palette and eye.

The surgeons said that Emerson would need further surgery on his right eye in the future.

In 2008 Emerson returned to Haiti and to his family in Petit Goave. Since that day his family has kept in contact. They are very grateful and call us from time to time to say hello. Emerson's eye was bothering him and his father brought him to Port-au-Prince. There was a visiting eye surgeon from the United States helping to do surgeries in September 2013.

Emerson had a surgery to close his eye partially. Because of his congenital malformation he has no eyelids and can't blink. Plastic surgery is necessary. The University of Miami plastic surgery team looked at Emerson while they were doing plastic surgeries at Bernard Mevs Hospital. They took photos of him and will be doing fund raising to bring Emerson to the United States for surgery. We give the Lord thanks for this contact.

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