Saturday, July 24, 2010

photos - canada - part 1

I am back in Haiti now after spending 3 weeks in Canada to visit my family. I was there in time for Canada Day! We celebrated the day with a pig roast at my cousin Jim's home which ended with a fireworks display. Canadian pigs look different than Haitian pigs. To all the animal rights activists out there, the pig tasted delicious!

My aunt from Holland, Tante Barbara was in Canada too. She is in the middle sitting between my parents. The weather in Canada was just as hot in Canada as it is in Haiti. The nights were cooler though.

We went to the Sari Ranch. They have a therapeutic riding program for handicapped children. My sister Tanya dropped off an application for my nephew John.

They have a nice facility and we were even given a tour.

The horses have lots of room and receive lots of good care.

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