Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Education Nationale released the exam results today for the 6eme AF exams. These exams need to be passed in order to qualify to move up to secondary school. We had a 100% pass rate here at Coram Deo. Praise the Lord! Josue Marcelin did a great job teaching this year. The students who wrote these exams did 2 years of education in one year and they came through perfectly. Yvens was in 5eme AF at Adoration Christian School and studied here at Coram Deo in his spare time for the 6eme AF. He too passed and now jumps ahead of his Adoration classmates :) Manu is a student at Christian Light Ministries and he passed as well. You can't get any better than 100%. We are going to hold a celebratory party. I'll post photos of all our graduates! It sure is good to give good news!


Len said...

AWESOME NEWS! Thats great. Tell everyone that I am proud of them for their hardwork. We will celebrate here for them. God Bless.

Michelle Daponte said...

That is wonderful news! You have some great teachers! It sure helps when the kids are given the opportunity to stay after school hours to work on their schoolwork and extra studying!
Michelle Daponte

Marlene Magashazi said...

congrats to everyone i am so proud of them we will celebrate in oct when we come