Saturday, December 12, 2009

photos - various - part 3

We regularly bring children to Healing Hands. This past Friday we brought 4 children and their families. 2 of the children were new hydrocephalus cases.

This young mother came with her child from Cite Soleil. She has kwashiorkor. We wrote a letter to the Missionaries of Charity to see if they could hospitalize her into their malnutrition program. The mother is staying with her.

Dominique Bonheur is a 75-year-old man who has cataracts. We took him this week to International Child Care's eye clinic. The doctor said that nothing could be done to help him. Somewhere in time he got toxoplasmosis and scarring occurred in both eyes from this disease which is caused by cats and birds.

This man is lucky to be alive. A goat thief in Fond Verrette tried to kill him. The thief was aiming for his neck but he was able to move to the side a bit and the blow landed on his shoulder. Dr. Ed cleaned the wound.

Erismane (Mackenson) Dorelus brought this man to Coram Deo. Mackenson now has started a school in Fond Verrette. Pray for his efforts to reach out to the community where he lives.

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