Saturday, December 12, 2009

photos - various - part 2

Sister Genevieve from Bernard Mevs Hospital called me on Friday morning about a spina bifida/hydrocephalus baby. This baby girl is 1-day-old and was delivered caesarean section at Hopital La Paix. The frantic father was trying to find help for his daughter. When I asked him her name he said that she didn't have one yet. Her name for now is the same name as the mother, Jacqueline Joseph. We registered him in the hydrocephalus program at Healing Hands.

Jocelyne Jean is a 10-month-old baby boy who has hydrocephalus. The mother came in from the province looking for help. We registered him too at Healing Hands on Friday.

This young mother is only 16-years-old and her baby has a hip deformity.

Her baby is tiny for 6 months of age and I think has some sort of syndrome. The arms and legs are not normal.

Tedlisen Jules is 4-months-old. A couple of weeks ago we brought him and his mother for his first casting at Healing Hands. He only has one foot that is clubbed. Pray the casting brings his foot into a better position.

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