Saturday, May 2, 2009

photos - kenscoff - medical patients

Diverna St. Plus has the largest goiter I have ever seen! She doesn't know her age but has had this goiter growing since just after the birth of her first child (at least 20 years).

I don't know how she can move with this large goiter. We are going to bring her to the mission hospital in Cange to see what they can do to help her.

Paulette Louima also has a goiter. She had an operation in 2006 but still needs further surgery.

Sabrina Derilus has had this goiter for a while as well. Goiters can be caused by a deficiency of iodine in the diet. They can also be caused by too much thyroid stimulating hormone in the thyroid gland.

Lherisson Pierre has a cyst growing on his head for several years now. Many times people in the mountains don't know their age. This man only knows that he was born in the time of President Lescot, which means that he was born sometime in the 1940's.

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