Friday, February 20, 2009

visit - repairs - part c

When we arrived at Paulna's village she was able to find a donkey to help to carry the tote box filled with soccer uniforms and shoes. Paulno is her brother and he is standing beside the donkey.

We were watching to see if the school bus would attempt to go through the swampy area. There was a stand off between this bus and another vehicle coming from the other direction. We passed them on foot.

When we were up at Fort Alexandre we saw a voodoo offering. Carnival is next week and the city shuts down for these festivities. Voodoo is a large part in the lives of the haitian people. At a sports park in the Henfrasa sports complex located on Delmas 33, Church on the Rock and Fishers of Men Ministries will be holding evangelical crusades for the next week. Pray for their efforts.

Here is the new outdoor sink. It works well.

The steel frame around the window fell off when Manu tried to climb to the roof to go after a ball. Hopefully he won't try this again.

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