Saturday, February 28, 2009

photos - medical clinic - cite soleil - part 2

Here is one of the children holding the comic book evangelical tract that is written in creole. He was one of the children who asked for more to give his friends and family.

Here are a couple of people who attended the clinic.

Michaelson is a 4-year-old-boy who came to Coram Deo this week. He has a large swollen belly. Dr. Karen McCarthy looked at him and the family got a sonogram done but more tests are necessary to find out what caused his belly to swell.

Here is a side view. He looks pregnant. The swelling started when he was only 3 months old. He is not in any pain and is a happy boy.

Ismaelle is a boy who has the left side of his mouth that twists a bit to the side. I think he has some sort of jaw problem. He uses the right side of his mouth to chew food. I am not sure what can be done if anything to help him.

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