Sunday, August 28, 2016

Jameson - Gatekeeper/Security

Jameson Glezile has been a part of our Coram Deo family for several years. His father came to us for help several years ago to register him in our school program and also to find help to correct his cleft lip and palette. The corrective surgeries were done by visiting plastic surgery teams and his face no longer shows the cleft lip deformity. He is mentally handicapped with learning problems and he was a part of our school program for several years. He progressed and has aged out of the school program. Jameson is now a young man and eager to take the place of his father in our program here. His father Yonel, used to be our gatekeeper. He suffered a massive stroke and the brain damage was severe enough that he could no longer be our gatekeeper. His son Jameson is now our gatekeeper/security guard. When Nicole was here we bought water guns for the younger children. Jameson used one of the water guns to shoot hornets down from one of our trees. It is a constant battle with the wasps. Every time we remove the nest they come back and rebuild it! Jameson had a lot of fun when the Norwood team was here. He enjoys helping out and is proud to take the place of his father here at Coram Deo. He comes to Coram Deo each morning and goes home in the early evening. He is a good son for his parents. Every time he gets his pay envelope he brings it home to his parents. He uses none of his pay for himself. Pray for Jameson and his father. It is sad to see Yonel deteriorate due to the effects of his stroke and brain damage.

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