Saturday, April 16, 2011

photos - mountain church - part 1

Haiti is a country of mountains. Pastor Pierre works with us here at Coram Deo and he has a couple of churches in the mountains of Kenscoff. The church that is over some mountains was having a special baptism service for 18 people. Pastor Pierre took along a camera and captured the walk to what I call the "far church" You literally walk over mountain crests to get to the church, a beautiful and strenuous walk!
You can see the effects of deforestation . Barran mountain sides with not much tree cover is a sad reality for Haiti.

This little girl is standing beside a large tree!

People living in the mountains usually need to walk to find a water source; spring or river. This young boy was walking a path down to a water source with an empty gallon bucket.

The families in this area are poor and they struggle to survive in an environment that gets worse each year.

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