Sunday, January 20, 2008

Photos - Paulna's Village - Bonnette

A couple of weeks ago we tried to make it to Paulna's village with the pickup truck but got stuck in the mud (that's when we found out that the 4wheel drive switch on the wheel was stuck). After a bunch of pushing by the guys and spinning tires we eventually got out. This time we parked by the watering hole and walked in. The boys tried to hitch a ride on this donkey but the answer was no.

Near Paulna's home there is a large tree and Manu and Benson climbed up onto a large branch.

Near Paulna's house there were some donkeys. The guys wanted their picture taken with them but they didn't want to stand too close to the donkeys. City boys!

Voodoo plays a large role in this village. Here we walked past the "Voodoo Swamp". Offerings to the spirits are placed in these containers. You can see some sort of container on several of the trees in this area.

Here is a close up of a couple of these containers. Pray for this village and that the voodoo influence will be overthrown.

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